Why Sollevi?


Proven Technology, on Robust and Scale able Hardware


Web Browsers : IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.
Operating System: Windows


DotNET Framework, AJAX Development Toolkit, Web Services, WCF Services, IIS


SQL Server 2012/PostGre


Intel Platform, IBM Series

Financial Accounting

All billing-relevant tasks performed with ease

The billing work station enables:

  • Support of all documentation in daily operation
  • Fast access to all information
  • Support for all billing methods
  • Efficient processing of all business transactions pertaining to patient accounting
  • Full integration with Financial and Cost Accounting
  • Analyses
  • Data exchange with insurance providers

Open Communication

Integrated System Landscape Through Open Communication

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy data exchange and simple further processing of data from connected systems
  • No duplicate data entry: once entered, data is available in all systems
  • Flexible interfaces that can be easily tailored to satisfy customer requirements

Integrated Financial Accounting

Data captured at its source. Automatic posting of documents directly where they belong.

SOLLEVI® For Patients:

More efficient admission process for planned and non-planned treatments

  • Easy Appointment Setting / Phone/SMS/Online
  • Self Service Kiosks & Single point Payments
  • Reduced waiting for Consultation
  • SMS Reminders and Follow-ups
  • Continuity of Care
  • Access to Information and Patient Education
  • Family Involvement & Environment of Care
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Care for the Caregiver
“Different types of appointment setting, including self-service kiosks makes patients and hospital management life easier than ever before! Reduced waiting time, Centralized billing, continues aftercare makes me happy!..”

SOLLEVI® For Nurses:

“I was expecting the patient at nursing station. I assign him to the desired private room.”

  • Information on Finger tip
  • Online Monitoring of critically ill patients
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Drug information with alerts
  • Easy Drug administration and Monitoring
  • Bar coding/ RFID to identify and patient and administer drug
  • Reduce of paper work, and more attention for patient.

All relevant patient information at a glance all functions for routine tasks on the care unit at the click of a button.

SOLLEVI® For Doctors:

“Everything at your fingertips.”

  • Information on Finger tip
  • Complete medical history of a Patient
  • Online Monitoring of critically ill patients
  • Doctors Appointment management & Alerts
  • Drug Information with alerts
  • Pre-Examination checks and verifications
  • Remote assistance
  • Radiology/Pathology results on the screen
  • Online collaboration with other doctors
  • Integrated display of medical and administrative data

“Its very easy to know who is checking in as my patient, before he is entered in to my consultation room, I could know his pervious treatment history and pattern of his visits.. “

SOLLEVI® For IT & Management

Manage your hospital like never before

  • Easy administration of Hospital, Staff, Facility
  • Efficient in patient management
  • Effective MIS provide analysis and trends
  • Options to track assets properly
  • Centralized Procurement, Inventory
  • Central stores & Pharmacy management
  • Insurance Management
  • Results- Increase In Revenue.

Embedded Workflow

Optimize your processes by proactively bringing the right information and tasks at the right time to the right people

  • Synchronize processes
  • Allocate work items to the right people
  • Monitor deadlines
  • Organize flow of information
  • Record history (if required)